EE Part 3: Workshop led by participants in Italian Groups (Nation 25, Stalker, OverTheFortress, S.a.L.E.-Docks, Biennale Urbana)

14362643_1745861748996322_4264593988499661914_o.jpg14361221_1745861945662969_2043189775259937484_o.jpg14379837_1745860508996446_4345898948597141675_o.jpg14352012_1745861522329678_456538660272061329_o14352557_1745861545663009_5987477252156560012_o.jpg14352322_1745861625663001_272090390417984087_o14352362_1745861648996332_6227022437129227562_o.jpg14324208_1745860572329773_5088801742878448059_o.jpg14352304_1745860482329782_216851057826614124_o.jpg14362495_1745860538996443_4314361634622946807_o.jpg14372367_1745860122329818_6826072843870232889_o.jpgPhotographs by Stefanos Chandelis


Thank you to all the groups that participated throughout the day in Exile Europa, for a day of sharing and learning together.


More soon.


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